Venice Villa & Rialto

Over the centuries, the Venetian terrazzo tile has earned a reputation as one of the most original craft creations of the Italian school, bringing prestige to villas and palazzos with extraordinary beauty in Italy ’s Veneto region and the world over.

With two options – Venice and Rialto (differing in terms of the size of the chips that make the material so unique) – the Venice Villa collection reworks this noble tradition from a contemporary angle. 13 eye-catching colour choices are offered in four stunning sizes and three attractive finishes, untreated, polished, and textured.

A collection that guarantees an eclectic, versatile design, channelling up-to-the minute style trends, in the most exclusive settings spanning homes and businesses.

Venice White

Venice White Uai 258x172

Venice Zinc

Venice Zinc Uai 258x172

Venice Silver

Venice Silver Uai 258x172

Venice Grey

Venice Grey Uai 258x172

Venice Ivory

Venice Ivory Uai 258x172

Venice Earth

Venice Earth Uai 258x172

Venice Beige

Venice Beige Uai 258x172

Venice Graphite

Venice Graphite Uai 258x172

Venice Pink

Venice Pink Uai 258x172

Venice Green

Venice Green Uai 258x172

Venice Coral

Venice Coral Uai 258x172

Venice Yellow

Venice Yellow Uai 258x172

Venice Blue

Venice Blue Uai 258x172

Rialto Zinc

Rialto Zinc 3 Uai 258x172

Rialto White

Rialto White Uai 258x172

Rialto Silver

Rialto Silver Uai 258x172

Rialto Grey

Rialto Grey Uai 258x172

Rialto Graphite

Rialto Graphite Uai 258x172

Rialto Ivory

Rialto Ivory Uai 258x172

Rialto Beige

Rialto Beige Uai 258x172

Rialto Earth

Rialto Earth Uai 258x172

Rialto Pink

Rialto Pink Uai 258x172

Rialto Green

Rialto Green Uai 258x172

Rialto Coral

Rialto Coral Uai 258x172

Rialto Yellow

Rialto Yellow Uai 258x172

Rialto Blue

Rialto Blue Uai 258x172