Quarzite Tiles

The decisive character of stone combined with the excellent performance of full body porcelain tiles.

The 5 neutral colours and are perfect for interpreting both classic and modern styles, giving personality to all spaces – even large ones.

Thanks to the wide range of sizes available (120x60cm – 120x20cm – 60x60cm – 60x30cm), and three different finishes (Natural, Polished and Structured) that increase their range of application. 2cm thick tiles also available making it a perfect range to create the continuous flow of tiles from inside to outside areas.

Quarzite Ghiaccio

Ghiaccio Uai

Quarzite Cenere

Cenere Uai

Quarzite Antracite

Antracite Uai

Quarzite Sabbia

Sabbia Uai

Quarzite Argento

Argento Uai