Maxfine Tiles Art Stone Range

Maxfine Tiles Art Stone Range. Art Stone is born where nature, creativity and design come together: an exclusive concept given form in three stones that are completely new, yet incredibly authentic down to the tiniest detail.

This porcelain stone range is also known as Royal Stone collection, Diamond Black, Palladium Grey and Platinum White. A stone and marble look to give rise to an elegant surface with an urban flair.


Mystic Black, Abyss Grey and Intensive White: three symphonies of colour designed specifically for 300×150 maxi-slabs, offering the perfect combination of veining and warm, deep hues, ideal for bringing new life to contemporary architecture and interior design. For free samples, design advice and prices please get in touch.

Intensive White


Abyss Grey

ABYSS GREY H Uai 258x172

Mystic Black

MYSTIC BLACK H Uai 258x172