Four Season Mosaic Tiles

Four Seasons porcelain mosaic tile collection is manufactured using iridescent glazes and vitreous elements that enrich the surface, creating spectacular reflections and light effects.

The colour palette is broad and blends natural tints with cutting-edge colours. The collection is offered in two surface finishes (glossy and satin) and it is mesh-mounted mosaic on 30×30 cm sheets.


Autumn One

Autumn One Uai 258x172

Autumn Satin

Autumn Satin Uai 258x172


Bloom Uai 258x172

Four Seasons One

Four Seasons One Uai 258x172


Ocean Uai 258x172

Winter One

Winter One Uai 258x172


Snow 1 Uai 258x172


Winter Uai 258x172