Fioranese Marmorea Marbles

In-depth research into materials and visual effects have reproduced the stunning beauty of precious
marble surfaces, bringing life to the tile surfaces with great depth and luminosity. Amazing classic marbles with the technical advantages of porcelain tiles.

Five classics, Bianco Gioia, Calacatta, Statuario, Grigio Imperiale and Port Laurent all available in a polished and matt finish.
The tile range includes a stunning decorative feature tile as well as three different mosaic designs and weave tile.

Marmorea - Bianco Calacatta

Ceramica Fioranese Marmorea Bianco Calacatta Uai 258x172

Marmorea Bianco Gioia

Ceramica Fioranese Marmorea Bianco Gioia Uai 258x172

Marmorea Bianco Statuario

Ceramica Fioranese Marmorea Bianco Statuario Uai 258x172

Marmorea Grigio Imperiale

Ceramica Fioranese Marmorea Grigio Imperiale Uai 258x172

Marmorea Port Laurent

Ceramica Fioranese Marmorea Port Laurent Uai 258x172