FMG Balance Tile Range

FMG Balance tile range, a full bodied (same colour throughout the tile)  porcelain tile range of plain coloured surfaces, created to harmonize decorative elements in architectural spaces. A pause that enhances new expressive forms. Combined together, the soft, relaxing colour palette of cold and warm shades offer a pleasantly calming and welcoming visual sensation.

FMG Balance tile range is available in sizes from 60 x 60 cm , 60 x 120 cm and 120 x 120 cm in 14 colours running from colder to warmer shades. The various colours fill any room with a pleasant, relaxing and welcoming visual sensation, offering a bright, luminous personality. The subtle colour ratios can be used to create versatile combinations by mixing and matching different shades. For free samples , design advice and prices please get in touch.

FMG Balance Umber

Balance Umber Uai

FMG Balance Mud

Icg Balance Mud   Nat 120120 F1 Igp120572 Uai

FMG Balance Tan

Balance Tan Uai

FMG Balance Nude

Icg Balance Nude   Nat 120120 F7 Igp120570 Uai

FMG Balance Dark Grey

Balance Dark Grey Uai

FMG Balance Marsala Red

Balance Marsala Red Uai

FMG Balance Light Grey

Balance Light Grey Uai

FMG Balance Ivory

Balance Ivory Uai

FMG Balance Orange

Balance Orange Uai

FMG Balance Ochre

Balance Ochre Uai

FMG Balance Mustard

Balance Mustard Uai

FMG Balance Chester Green

Chester Green Uai

FMG Balance Azure

Balance Azure Uai

FMG Balance Steel Blue

Balance Steel Blue Uai